As Vice Provost for Student Affairs , I have the privilege of leading a division of talented and dedicated staff who provide a broad range of programs and services designed to advance student learning and development.

As we know , student learning takes many forms in higher  education .The Student Affairs division is resposible for creating an atmosphere that promotes student learning in both classroom and out-of-class setting.The Student Affairs staff facilitates the development of students' intellectual,emotional ,ethical,spiritual,physical and social capacities and seeks to prepare students to be contributing citizens in a global society.Student Affairs actively contributes to students learning through the purposeful integration of the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Effective leadership in Student Affairs requires intentionally bringing together the division's various programmatic componenets into one unified team dedicated to the betterment of the university community.Creating a Student Affairs team  is among the most essential element for establishing vibrant learning environments ,effective services and lively programming.Open and frequent communication among Student Affairs professionls fosters a sense of team membership.

I firmly believe that the University must avoid leading programs and services that students might otherwise lead,or make decisions that students should rightfully make on their own.Excessive administrative programming and decision-making denies students valuable learning opportunities. Of course , the University must avoid becoming negligent by not providing sufficient support and structure to the lives of its students.Balancing these two concepts is an incredibly difficult role of the Student Affairs division,but a necessary and important role nonetheless.

Many of today's most vexing social problems are quite properly being addressed in higher education.Today  the academy has an obligation to address many difficult issues that include topics such as racism ,sexism,alcohol and substance abuse,men's and women's issues,sexual identity,the environment ,and privilege.Actively involving students in a discussion of these and similar issues is an aducational process that should last a lifetime,and ideally will result in an environment that is equally rich for all members of the community.Student Affirs should not avoid addressing such issues,but should welcome them as learning opportunities.

My staff and I are pleased to represent Student Affairs and to contribute to the dynamic living and learning environment that is unique to .

Dr. A.Sahraian.
Vice  Povost for Student Affairs

Address: Zand Ave .Central building of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,downstairs

Telephone Number  :(0711)2122730 


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