Student Welfare Office

Coordinator of Student Welfare Office  :  Mrs  Marayam  Bab anari , B.A IN PSYCHOLOGY

Job discriptions :

1-Getting the budget for student loan,including education,housing,emergenc,marriage,housing deposit ,loan for student insurance  and tuition  loan.

2-paying student loans.

3- incidnt insurance  for students.

4-Health insurance for student and other family members.

5-Coording  with general office of the university in relation to the registration affairs of new incomer students.

6-Getting student central code.

7-Getting student  noturial written undertaking , recording them on computerized files , and filling the documents.

8-Preparing the number of qualified students for the receiving student loan in every semester and administering the regulations.

9-Being in touch directly with  student welfare fund of medical group in Tehran over the telephone and integrated on-line system for exchanging  student information.

10-Controling for students refund loans.

11-Controlling and sending the forms illustrating  debts of graduates to Tehran.

12-Coordinating with the banks paying student loans.

13-Aiming at the payment of student loans  for  Shahed and Esargar  student.

14-Administering the distribution of supplementary equipments.

15-Providing  monthly  reports and the data on the functioning of students welfare office.

16-Supervising yhe fillings of the correspondence from  students  welfare office.

17-Administering the services of the staff in students  welfare office.

18-Performing other affairs related to student management.

   Address: Zand St, Shiraz University of Medical Science building downstairs floor




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